Which is the best sand making machine in sand production line? Which sand making machine price is reasonable? As a professional mining manufacturer, we will introduce you to the high efficient sand making machine.

VSI5x sand making machine is an indispensable machine of the sand making production line and is a practical and reliable sand making machine. Sand making machine is especially suitable for making building sand and for the fine crushing and medium crushing of many types of hard and crisp materials such as abrasive material, refractory, cement, silica sand, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate and pitch aggregate.

It is a type of highly efficient and energy-saving stone crushing and sand making machine with world-level technology, and it can save 50% energy compared with traditional sand maker.

1. VSI5x sand maker is a new type of medium and fine crushing machine developed, and is a machine that can be widely used for replacing cone crusher, roll crusher and ball mill.

2. novel structure and stable operation.

3. low energy consumption, high output and big crushing ratio.

4. small size, simple operation and convenient installation and maintenance.

5. The function of reshaping, and the final products are in the shape of cube and the stacking density is big.

6. In the production process, the stone materials can form a protective layer, so that the machine frame has no abrasion and is durable.

7. The few quick-wear spare parts are made of super-hard wear-resisting materials, so that the machine has small size and light weight and is convenient for spare parts changing.

8. The working noises is lower than 75db and the powder dust pollution is little.

This equipment adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, and runs smoothly in production process. The optimum impact angle design in the crushing chamber can reduce the friction between the material and the wear-resistant parts, and effectively prolong the service life of the sand making machine. The unique lubrication system design improves the lubrication performance of the equipment and improves the service life of the equipment. The high performance non-contact labyrinth seal has no wear and tear and improves the reliability of dust blocking.

Interparticle comminution and hydrostatic principle of this equipment, a non-contact labyrinth cavity structure is reasonable, the maximum reduces equipment wear, reduce operating costs; in addition, all the parts are hard to wear, the maintenance cost is reduced to a minimum, general life can be increased by more than 30%. Sand making machine is used between the high-speed operation of the material by mutual friction and grinding and crushing material, not only can play the role of ore crushing, but also through the shaping of the stones, commonly used in the manufacture of artificial sand.

Strict safety guarantee device, guarantee equipment and personal safety. The inner circulation of the vortex cavity is self circulation with little dust and little noise. It is made of high quality wear resistant material. The lining of the material in the crushing chamber can reduce the wear and tear of the machine body, and it is durable. A series of high impact crusher is the use of stone crushing technology to minimize the demand for wear parts, low maintenance and maintenance requirements, low operation and wear costs.

The best machine for producing mechanical sand is the new type high efficient equipment which is designed according to the working principle of various crushers and information feedback about customers’ basic utilization condition. It is the substitute product of rod type sand making machine, impact sand making machine and vertical sand making machine. The advantages are: small discharging size, even granularity, large productivity, long service life of hammer, small match power, simple structure and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in cement, metallurgy, refractory material and mechanical sand industry.

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