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Women are basically banned from working in Saudi Arabia. For decades, that meant women were served by men in lingerie shops, which was a bit awkward. Female campaigners led an effort to change things, and at the start of 2012, a decree was passed banning men from working in women’s underwear stores. The ruling was opposed by clerics, who consider women doing any work outside the home to contradict sharia law.

About 100 shops that didn’t follow the ruling were shut down several months after the law came into effect. The law continues to be upheld, and six lingerie shops were threatened with closure this July after surprise inspections found men working there.












Please upload your a formal outline of your informative speech, including an annotated bibliography containing at least 5 credible sources on page 2, in one of the following formats: rtf, docx, or pdf.

Ideas that Matter to My Community (Informative Speech, 7 minutes): This speech requires knowing a subject and topic sufficiently enough to provide your audience with adequate knowledge on the topic by the end of your speech. In this speech, you will focus on a historical event that has affected your community or your family. You must verbally cite at least 5 credible and relevant sources in your speech and turn in a typed, proofread, full-sentence outline with references page as part of your grade. This speech will be most heavily graded on structure, organization, and research. Please click on the file below for detailed instructions and helpful samples.




Your goal in this assignment is to present information about to your audience that relates to a community to which you belong. You should choose a topic and present information in a way that will interest members of your audience. When you make the topic relevant for them, they will understand the information, and better remember your message. You must interview someone who has direct knowledge about and/or experience in the community you speak about.


Don’t get cornered by only thinking of “communities” as geographic locations. For this assignment, a can be geographical, cultural, social, civic, etc., and can be significant at the local, regional, national, or international level. Brainstorm and list various communities to which you belong. Think about what you do regularly, your hobbies, your social circles, and ask for help from your instructor if needed.



Remember that information means new. The community may be familiar to your audience, for example a fraternity or sorority, or it may not. In either case, you should teach your audience something new so that when they walk out of your speech they are better informed. The audience will be interested in the stories of real people who are involved in the community. You can share your experiences and you can also share the experiences of your interviewee. Your challenge is to provide new twists, new perspectives, or a deeper understanding of the community.


Remember that audiences will listen better to information they believe is relevant. As you gather information regarding your community, ask yourself how the audience members are affected by this community (whether they know it or not).


Remember that stories and vivid descriptions hold attention. You can bring your information to life by employing these methods.



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