Virtues help shape our aspirations for the sort of person we want to be.  Which virtues most closely define who you are?  Explain using specific examples from your own life.  Provide examples of how a virtuous disposition has helped you achieve your goals. 

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 The virtue of courage most defines my character. I have professionally have had and continue to stand up for what is right and what is wrong. Many people in government organization express fear to stand up and say this is wrong and defend those who cannot defend for themselves. The results of when I have the courage to help people has helped me accomplish my goals of being faithful, honest and a fearless leader. An example of how a virtuous disposition has helped me achieve my goal would be a time when I applied for a senior executive training class. I didn’t think I would be selected however I had the courage to do it regardless of what others thought of me. I was selected to attend the training because of my courage and fearlessness to push forward.