Write me a paper of 4 to 8 pages. about pay for performance in the


Write me a paper of 4 to 8 pages. About Pay for Performance in the Public Sector.

I care about the Quality more the Quantity. Attached a review article about the same subject (Peer norm guesses and self-reported attitudes towards performance-related pay) Use this article to write the argument and if you agree or disagree.

  • The First part will be about the authors and what they do (one paragraph).
  • The Second part will be a summary and rephrase of the article’s conclusions (one Paragraph).
  • The Third part will be the argument and if you agree or disagree with the authors point of view (three to four paragraphs).

If use any other resources please include a reference page, otherwise no need for it.

Thank you for your time.

also the paper is a MLA form but the professor wanted more informal

so it is not as a regular argument essay with Intro, and body and conclusion.

I wanted to be the same as I describe it in the discription.