You are vp of development for a major casino brand. your ceo has


You are VP of Development for a major casino brand. Your CEO has asked you to evaluate this state for merger / acquisition / management / build activity. You must report back to the senior group giving a summary of the state of gaming in this state, along with your recommendation of whether to start a conversation with local lawmakers or decline to participate in this market. • Each group is assigned one gaming state to research and report.


• AGA State of the States is a GREAT start, but your research must go beyond this.

• Be sure to include:

Age of industry

Number and Nature of properties (land, river, native american, slots only?)

Total revenue, employees

Tax rate and stability

Number of competitors

Three and five year revenue trends, last expansion and outcome…

Other large industry in this region

Recent hot topics / activity around gaming

6 page minimum, 12 pt font,

•Please include helpful exhibits / charts, these are in addition to “6 pages”

•Def find and use 2019 American Gaming Association State of the States Report

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