You must include textual evidence from the readings throughout your


The assignment below will serve as the midterm exam for this course. You will have one week to complete the assignment, and there will be no opportunity for resubmission. Your completed draft must be submitted through Webcampus by the assigned due date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by 11:59 PM. Your paper will be thoroughly evaluated for its content and your writing ability. The paper’s length should meet the minimum of four pages, but should not exceed six pages. Your paper must be written in Times New Roman font (size 11), be double-spaced, include an introduction and conclusion, include a title reflecting the content of your paper, and follow the appropriate heading. 

Paper Topic: 
“Sustainability” may mean very different things from economic, indigenous, environmental, cultural, or geopolitical perspectives (among other possibilities). Consider how all the following course readings reflect either (1) a conflict between differing perspectives on sustainability and/or (2) an opportunity for cooperation among differing perspectives on sustainability. 
“The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin
“Planet or Plastic? We Made Plastic. We Depend on It. Now We’re Drowning In It.” by Laura Parker
A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park 

You must include textual evidence from the readings throughout your analysis. All in-text citations should follow MLA format, and all three works all must be cited using MLA format on your Works Cited page. Your support for your argument should come only from these three readings – there should be no other outside research completed for this assignment.

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